Power your business

by going solar

Do well by doing good

Why Go Solar

The sun is one of the largest sources of power in the solar system. It is more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared with other traditional energy sources.


Reduce electricity bills

Generate electricity continously

Minimize power consumption

Want to Know How Much Solar Could Reduce Your Utility Bill?

Your estimated monthly utility bill

THB 5k - THB 10k

You are doing your part in creating a sustainable future for everyone. Thank you!

What we do

With the rising cost of electricity year over year, businesses are looking to cut down operation costs. By investing on solar rooftop, you are not only moving your business towards a more sustainable future but also save on operation costs with little maintenance in the long run.

Depending on your business type and monthly electricity consumption, we offer customized solar financial plans that suit your business needs.


Cut down peak demand and reduce CO2 by going solar

Commercial Building

Stabilize monthly bill against rising electricity cost while going green

Government & Community

Create a sustainable future and set a leading example for businesses to follow

How we do

A Hassle free with our one-stop service

A simple four-step approach to a solar rooftop implementation so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.



Our experts create a blueprint based on engineering best practices, in order to ensure a high return on your investment.



We prepare documents and apply for relevant licenses so that the system is in compliance with the local authority.



We operate under stringent industry standards, following a systematic approach that guarantees maximum safety.



Your solar rooftops are constantly monitored and maintained with international standard warranty for optimal performance and cost savings.