What is solar power?

The sun is one of the largest sources of power in the solar system. It constantly emits energy that can be used to generate electricity through solar panels and photovoltaic (PV) cells. Manufacturing firms and households are increasingly making use of this renewable energy because it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared with other traditional energy sources.

Types of solar cells

Mono crystalline

The Mono-crystalline silicon is produced from pure, defect-free silicon (single crystal). This type of solar cell delivers high efficiency,but is also expensive.

Poly crystalline

The Poly-crystalline silicon is obtained by a solidification process. Hence, the efficiency and cost of this type of cell is less than those of Mono-crystalline cells.

Benefits that go beyond cost savings

Business Reputation

Bolster your corporate social responsibility initiatives and company's image

Makes investment sense

In the medium to long term, you will earn back what you pay for the solar rooftop

Reduce carbon emission

Going green not only saves you in the long run but also ensure we have a sustainable future

Increase the value of your building

Energy-efficiency sells because it lowers operating costs of your building

Continuous electricity generation

Provides a sense of security to your business so that there is an alternative energy to rely on