Power up sustainably and efficiently to improve your bottom line

Sermsang Infinite are continuously looking for ways for businesses and institutes to save energy cost and improve operation's efficiency. One way we are doing this is by providing customised solar rooftop solutions with flexible financial packages.

Maximum efficiency and cost savings

Businesses are always looking to increase profits. One easy way is to cut operation costs with solar rooftop. With high irradiance, Thailand is a great fit for solar energy.


Factories and Warehouse

Factories can flatten peak demand and reduce CO2 with solar rooftop. Cost reduction will help you stay competitive in an ever changing economy. Going solar is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity.

Commercial Building

Office buildings, shopping malls and private hospitals

Because the buildings are continuously consuming electricity, it makes total sense to stabilize monthly bills against rising electricity costs with solar rooftop. Solar also plays an important part for buildings to go green.

Government & Community

Government institutes, schools and community centres

For a sustainable future, everyone must play a part to tackle global warming. Encouraging solar rooftop installation among local communities will set a leading example for businesses to follow. Benefits go beyond monetary value.

Quality Design and Equipment

For each customer, we design the system just for that particular roof to ensure there is a constant reliable solar energy produced.

Unique Design

Based on international engineering standards, our experts create a distinct blueprint for each client.

Quality Product

Sermsang Infinite partners with the industry leaders (Tier 1) to bring you nothing but the best solar panel and inverters.

High Reliability

Our products are certified with extensive warranties and we are constantly monitoring your system.

Tailor made solution just for you

Whether you are looking to cut operation cost or for sustainability reasons, Sermsang Infinite can offer two solutions so you can achieve your goal.

Purchase (EPC)


Want to purchase the solar rooftop system as an asset or customers who have BOI benefits


Pay over a set of milestones and 100% after the completion of solar rooftop installation

Immediate and a large reduction in electricity bill

For customers who qualify for BOI, we can assist in applying to get even more quicker return on investment

Break even within 3-5 year*

2-year guarantee of minimum solar energy production

Free 2-year warranty and maintenance

*terms and conditions apply

Zero Investment (PPA)


Want to reduce electricity but do not want to pay for the solar rooftop system


Pay some percentages of the reduce energy bill to Sermsang Infinite over a number of years

No investment at all

A consistent reduction of electricity bill over a number of years

Monitor and maintain without cost over the contract years

The solar rooftop system will become an asset for the customer after the expiration of the contract

Online monitoring system for checking on the production and usage of solar energy


Everything you need to know about solar rooftop systems

Whether you are looking to cut operation cost or for sustainability reasons, Sermsang Infinite offers flexible solutions so you can achieve your goal.